A portrait a day 2019

This summer I set myself a challenge to draw one portrait a day.

Here are all the drawings that came out of that challenge.

I hadn't drawn for decades, and had never been into realistic portraits (rather caricature). But I am convinced that perseverance is the key to improvement, so I figured committing to drawing one portrait a day would be a great challenge in that direction.

The plan was not to spend too long on a portrait (I took at most one hour in most cases), and my subjects were almost all of them color pictures from magazines or stills from videos (these are particularly good for more spontaneous postures).

You may recognise that some of my models have been guitarists or the cast from "Six feet under", which my wife and I were watching at the time.

As far as tools go, I used a single HB pencil, because at the time I didn't know of more advanced multi-pencil techniques.