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Telltale Signs that Tech Leadership is missing

I am going to be writing a series of articles about how I see technical leadership in the field of software development, what is its role, what tech leads should focus on.

Some may ask me, why do I need technical leadership? Since I am trying to sell my consulting services as part-time technical lead, it's a question I need to be able to answer convincingly.

The best way to start illustrating how can a strong tech leadership help may be to show you what kinds of things happen when it's not there. Some of these signs are very internal and only visible to developers, while other signs will be apparent to any other business actor that is a stakeholder of a software project (or even users).

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How may I help you?

Accelerate your software teams

If you want to improve the performance of your software product development team, let's have a chat. I can help your teams become more productive by mentoring and training your developers, and consolidating good DevOps practices like Continuous Delivery and Test Automation among others.

My goal is to accompany you on a journey of acceleration. I will be there with you from a few hours a month to a couple days a week, depending on your needs. I will do so on an ongoing basis. I will not dump some deliverables on you and leave, but rather be a mentor and a companion on your growth as a team.

I will taylor my service to your organization - I have worked in organizations of various sizes (from 2 to 600 engineers) and I know the needs are very different depending on team size and maturity.

I'm available as part-time Tech Lead, Architect, CTO, Enabler for consulting gigs:

  • Location: Barcelona / remote
  • Decades of experience in many kinds of tech: #python #django #javascript #vue #java #kubernetes...

Contact me if you're interested and let's talk!

You can find out more about me here, or by checking the links at the sidebar.