En Carles dibuixa

October of Ink 2020

This is my attempt to ride the wave of the Inktober challenge by trying to focus some of my time this October on inking practice.

I've used a brush pen (Pentel Pocket) and technical pens (Pigma Microns or Copic Multiliners).

Most of my inking practice has been done on other people's drawings that I either inked on, or that I copied with pencil myself before inking.

Credits go to Jake Parker (https://www.mrjakeparker.com/) and to David Revoy (https://www.davidrevoy.com/) for these reference drawings.

I also took some online video courses by Jake Parker, and did many practice sheets that I haven't included here.

I did some inking practice on drawings that I won't include because they may be copyrighted material.