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About me

My name is Carles Barrobés and I'm a senior software engineer. I've been into software since the age of 13, and made it my profession at the age of 22.

Passionate about software delivery.

After having coded for more than three decades, one of my most valuable learnings is that writing code is only a small fraction of what it takes to deliver a successful software solution.

Since I started leading software teams in 1998 I've always pushed my teams to improve their capabilities, processes and tools: from introducing change management, version control, bug tracking and knowledge management up to automated testing, continuous integration and deployment.

I really enjoy helping teams become better at delivering quality software products.

These last few years I've become very interested in the explicit function of Developer Enablement: giving your developers the capabilities, platforms, tools and processes that will help them become better and faster at delivering value through quality software solutions.


If you'd like to know how I may help you, check out my Professional Services page.

Or just take a peek at my blog.