Carles Draws

Face a Day 2020

So I decided to take again my summer challenge of drawing a human face every day!

This year I decided to refine the terms slightly.

What changed this year?

Since my long term goal is not to draw portraits but to improve my skills for drawing people in order to make comics, I renamed the challenge as "A Face a Day" so that faces that are not technically "portraits" are also valid.

I tried to look for a variety of facial expressions, different viewing angles. In some cases I've chosen to draw the same person more than once, as that's what I would be doing in comics, developing the ability to draw the same person in multiple situations and moods.

Other more concrete things I did differently.

  • I limited the time frame to only August.

  • I prepared a little in advance by collecting reference photos of interesting subjects.

  • Most of the reference was photos, but I also copied a couple portraits from other artists

  • A slightly wider variety of tools (pencils)

In terms of technique, for some drawings I've used a blend of pencils (H, HB and 2B) rather than just HB as last year - this gives the drawing more contrast and life. The paper I've used this year also has less grain than the one I used on 2019.

Now that the challenge is done, I will ve publishing one drawing per day, in chronological order.

You be the judge, but my opinion is that continued drawing practice throughout this year has yielded its results, and the outcome, especially by the end of the month, has been much better than last year's.

You will notice that the quality of the scans is better as well. I've been using a proper A4 scanner rather than the camera on my phone.

All drawings will be included in this gallery as they get published, and they will also be posted to twitter.

Thanks for taking a look!

First Drawing

This is the first official drawing from the challenge, made on August the 3rd.

The reference is a photo that was used as reference in a video course for drawing portraits by Dave Malan ( - so I thought that was a great place to start, learning from a a master.