Carles Draws

Face a Day 2020 (4)

  • Graphite (H) pencil on sketchbook

  • Subject: actress Jessica Barden in the role of Alyssa

  • Source: screenshot from series "The end of the F***ing World"

  • Drawn on August 6th

This is drawn with a harder pencil on a smoother paper (with less grain).

One of the drivers this year was to improve the drawing of facial expressions, so I decided to choose in some cases pictures of the same person in different positions and expressions. This should aid (I hope) level up in character design for comics.

Jessica is very expressive and she nails this role, I really enjoyed my attempt to capture the expression in her eyes.

Is is also my attempt to start transitioning from line drawing to include more elements of value drawing to better depict volume and lighting.