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Running a web with HTTPS in kubernetes

For a couple of recent projects (a personal one and a client's) I've been setting up a couple of typical web applications in kubernetes. Since I see this as a very common pattern, which is becoming ever easier to replicate, I will share my experience and the scaffolding code that can get you up and running as well.

I have been using both Linode and Digital Ocean, and the experience with both is almost identical. In particular once you create your kubernetes cluster using either of their UIs (which is a very easy process), the rest is exactly the same.

My assumptions (and target audience)

The ideal target audience for this article is someone who has already been running their own web applications already (either in bare metal or a virtual machine) and wants to know how to translate that setup to kubernetes. Or has just done the basic tutorials on how to deploy a container to k8s and wants to round out their production setup.

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Telltale Signs that Tech Leadership is missing

I am going to be writing a series of articles about how I see technical leadership in the field of software development, what is its role, what tech leads should focus on.

Some may ask me, why do I need technical leadership? Since I am trying to sell my consulting services as part-time technical lead, it's a question I need to be able to answer convincingly.

The best way to start illustrating how can a strong tech leadership help may be to show you what kinds of things happen when it's not there. Some of these signs are very internal and only visible to developers, while other signs will be apparent to any other business actor that is a stakeholder of a software project (or even users).

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