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Guided tour to my public repos

Here is the "director's commentary" for some of my public repositories.

Disclaimer: a few of these projects are old and I no longer use them, but they showcase my interests over time.

Testing tools

Automated testing and improving testability have always been important goals in my work. Over the years I've developed a number of tools, mostly in the Python ecosystem. I'm happy that one of these projects has grown to have a life of its own when I stepped down as a maintainer.

  • ddt: download stats DDT (Data-Driven Tests) allows you to multiply one test case by running it with different test data, and make it appear as multiple test cases.
  • pretenders: download stats Mock servers for testing. Both for HTTP and SMTP backends.
  • matchmaker: download stats Make it easier to write hamcrest matchers in Python.

Developer experience

Tools that I've written to improve productivity within some team: automation, unified conventions...

  • autojenkins: download stats A Python library to automate the creation of jobs in Jenkins, from back in the day where I still used it.
  • ep: The outcome of a 24h hackathon, an experimental tool to give a unified ADI (Application Development Interface) for diverse projects.

Self-service tools I use for my projects

In order to be more efficient in my projects, I build myself tools adapted to the way I work, and project "templates". These repos are a bit raw, as in I haven't put any special effort to make them particularly usable for someone that's not me.

  • kubestrap: A simple way to bootstrap a kubernetes cluster for my personal projects with the couple things I typically install
  • django-base: The basis for all of my newer Django projects (webs and APIs), it's a quick starter that includes all of the bells and whistles I reuse over and over.
  • k8s-database-operator: a kubernetes operator written in Rust (my first on both categories), that manages custom "Database" resources.

Various Libraries

  • fretboards: download stats Display guitar fretboards on a browser. A part of my larger work-in-progress fretshare project.
  • apitopy download stats API-to-py, a fun experiment while exploring more advanced Python features and what it means to be Pythonic.


Slides of talks I've given:


Code that I write while learning a language or framework.

  • haskell: Exercises done while learning Haskell during one summer (2016).
  • rust: 2021 was the "summer of rust". Learnt Rust while building a kubernetes controller useful for my personal sites.

Public reputation

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